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How To Apply Wall Art Stickers

I believe that most of you have ever heard about the most welcomed interior wall decor in recent times, which is called the vinyl wall stickers used in nursery or home. And maybe some of you have already had some nursery wall stickers in your house. Well, as for those who have just heard about them but do not know what they are or how to use them, today I would love to write this post and talk more.

Once I bought a nursery wall decal from and the quality is very good. Later I found that the wall stickers from etsy is great as well. It is a nursery wall sticker for my son, and we finished the installment by ourselves just within a few minutes. When we got the wall sticker, unwrapped the package, and the installment began. First we decided the place where we were going to pasted the wall sticker and cleaned the wall to made sure that there was no particles on the surface. Then just peel off the back paper of the nursery sticker and put it up onto the wall. That is quite easy, right? My son loved the cartoon animal friends …


Interior Wall Decoration Ideas

As we all know, the area of the interior wall is three times of the area of the interior floor. So that is very important to decorate your walls. And as the time goes by, there are more and more great and innovative ideas for wall decoration. Today, I would love to talk about some major ways of decorating your walls.

000000000000000Nowadays, more and more people like to have their special photos wall in the house, and the photos will show the beautiful times they have spent with their families and friends. And the most important thing of the photos wall I suppose may be the layout of the photos. Different layouts of the photos will take out different visual effects. So you should first figure out what kind of visual result you would love to have.

4e3f29e834389bb7ef83fa288a527ccdThen, I think to have a canvas print is also a good idea. The print can be a best viewpoint you have ever traveled and the photo must be taken by yourself. And also it is very meaningful to have your own photo made into a canvas print and hang it up on the wall over the fireplace. You may pick up …


New Way To Decorate Your Kitchen

I think for a man who are fond of the delicious food, the most important place in his house must be the kitchen. This is the place where he makes the tasty food or where his tasty food is made. While a good place makes the good things, the environment of the kitchen should be taken into serious consideration. That is why I write up this post today to highly recommend a new way to decorate your kitchen.

bbbI got to know this brilliant idea from an online shop who is just selling vinyl wall decals, and this kind of environmentally friendly wall decor is the very thing I am going to talk about. Maybe you do not recognize this sort of material, but vinyl is totally harmless to our bodies. That is also why this raw material is widely used in our daily goods, not only this kind of wall decal.

bbbbBeing made in such a healthy material, vinyl wall decals are very very easy to install, unlike other traditional wall decors. That is really why vinyl decals are suitable for the kitchen. Before you are going to install, first clean up the surface and make sure …


Your Walls Tell Me They Want Vinyl Wall Stickers

Yesterday I paid a visit to one of my close friends who had just moved into a new house. I can’t wait to write this post and share one of the most brilliant and innovative ideas for your interior decoration which I got from my friend’s new house.

fdfdfdfdfdYesterday, I went to their new house with a housewarming gift. While, when I walked into their new space, the wonderful wall decors on their walls impressed me in the first. It was a piece of tree wall sticker. The tree is large with its green leaves on its strong and fresh branches. Around the tree, there are a lot of birds and butterflies flying and all of them are live and colorful. This tree wall sticker really adds a lot of vitality and life to their living room. My friend said that it had gained them a lot of compliment from their guests.

dsdsdsdsAt the dinner time, the husband of my friend told me the details of this kind of wall sticker. It is called the vinyl wall art stickers. Just as its name implies, this kind of wall stickers are all made of vinyl. And there will be no harm …


Creativity In Washroom Decoration

Washroom is one of the most important place in our house. There are a lot of things that should be taken into consideration when you are planning to decorate it. Traditional washrooms often own a closestool, a bathtub, a sink and some washroom related stuff. Everyone would love their interior decoration to be unique, innovative and fashion, so they use their brains to figure out the best appropriate design for their washroom. Most washrooms are said to be creative and funny with a lot of new and brilliant interior decors. Today I would like to list some of the creative washroom design ideas.

1Some people love to add some plants or interesting displays in their washrooms to bring more fun and life. Washrooms with green plants will make people feel fresh and full of vitality. Also, it will give others a feeling that the washroom is well cleaned up every day. Besides, some interesting or meaningful displays can also be used in the washrooms, such as your photos, toilet requisites like your towel or tooth brush.

2What’s more, many people who are fond of funny things will pay attention to the toilet papers. Usually we will put a toilet paper …

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